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Doc Halibut’s music exhibits an authentic heart and youthful ferocity that makes them a joy for the ears and eyes. Whilst ultimately attempting to defy stylistic limitations, but incorporating elements of blues-rock and soul, their music is one of energetic revivalism, or ‘regressive rock’ as the band often quips. Soaring guitar and Hammond solos, driving beats and powerful vocals delivering thoughtful lyrics and melodies make Doc Halibut one of Australia’s most exciting and sought after live acts. 


After performing extensively around regional Australia, regularly performing on Queenscliff’s Blues Train and residencies around Melbourne’s finest drinking establishments, the five piece retreated to Christmas Hills above the Yarra Valley to record their first album. From the young man’s melodrama of ‘Manic Boy’, to the title track ‘Lucky Star’ and stadium closer ‘What is that I Want?’, Doc Halibut’s debut album released in early 2017, is a raw expression of the band’s commitment to prioritising authentic songwriting and soul over production and publicity. Most recently Doc released their new EP in Jan 2019, showcasing the band’s array of styles from the rock/pop song “The Other Side of Town”, to the all out fuzz-driven “I Really Love You”, and the reflective and restrained closing track “Elvis”.


Doc’s live shows recreate and reinterpret their songbook with enthusiasm and grit, devoid of tricks and complications. With a new EP "Doc Halibut" released in 2019, The Doc is back on the road entertaining every kind of music lover, far and wide.

“Every gig is Wembley” - Doc Halibut, (all the time)



 Vocals/Guitar – Andy Ferguson

Keys/Hammond – Jimmy Ferguson

Guitar – Luke O’Connor

Bass – Owen Downie

Drums – Sam Leskovec


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